Patriot Supersonic Magnum 2 Flash 3.1 256GB Flash Drive Evaluate

Right after up Dino&#8217s article on the Supersonic Craze 2 is usually a more modern Supersonic flash drive from Patriot. Today i will be going through the Supersonic Magnum 2, a Universal serial bus 3.1 Age group 1 flash drive obtainable in sometimes 256GB or 512GB with warp speed quick move rates of speed. This evaluate is within the 256GB flavoring. In person, It&#8217s amazing knowing expensive hard disks with this particular amount of requirements occur. Enable&Number8217s put it from the paces to see operate executes!

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Requirements and has

This flash drive, we&Number8217re relayed through Patriot, works on the Phison S8 operator with MLC NAND. It is an 8-channel NAND operator, permitting substantial degrees of throughput, which is how Patriot has monitored a 400MBOrutes study and 300MBPerersus publish rate score. The in reverse and dis operating system being compatible, combined with manufacturer’s warranty (a few years), for the Magnum 2 are shocking and outstanding.

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The technical specs featuring down below are available right from the Patriot internet site and also the Pdf document they link to .

Patriot Supersonic Magnum 2 Specifications boasting

The Patriot Supersonic Magnum 2 Universal serial bus 3.1 Age group. 1- flash drive provides unprecedented overall performance inside a classy kind element with memories nearly 512GB. A resilient aluminium cage allows shock resistance as much as 15Gs to make sure higher protection of your respective files.

Flash 3.1 engineering makes it possible for the Patriot Supersonic Magnum 2 to outshine Hardware 2. drives by up to significantly. This enables a 2GB data file can shift in mere seconds back and forth from the Patriot Supersonic Magnum 2. By merging a single-chip USB 3.1 thumb recollection operator with 8-Station technologies, this flash drive produces continuous go through performance at quickens to 400MBAndohydrates understand and 300MBAndutes create.

The Patriot Supersonic Magnum 2 Hardware 3. thumb drive is available in 256GB and 512GB capabilities and includes a 5-year guarantee.

It works with Windows®10, Windows® 8, Windows® 7, Windows® Vista®, Windows® Experience points, Windows® 2016, Windows® ME, Linux systems 2.4 and later on, Mac® OS9, X and later on.

2 .The conditions USB 3.1 Gen 1 and Universal serial bus 3. are synonymous

Store Packaging

The product packaging to the Magnum 2 is a fairly standard sore pack. The nation’s standard technical specs within the the front and demonstrates this product. Rotating it across the rear has some specifics about guarantee and being compatible, social networking URL&#8217s, along with a UPC. This wrapping is clearly designed to be shown on wardrobe hangers in the local store also, it could be awesome to determine these in most outlets having thumb drives.

Full price Presentation &Number8211 Front

Full price Packaging &Number8211 Backed

The Patriot Supersonic Magnum 2

Take a look at acquire our initially unobstructed think about the Magnum 2. The principle person’s body is extruded, anodized aluminum with white colored text produced into it. Taking out the hat we see the USB 3.1 Type-A connection which is often used to software using your units. The final bits and also the loop with this travel are plastic material, but they seem to be unbelievably stable. I have no doubt this example was designed to past.

Magnum 2 &Number8211 The front


The many benchmarks observed here are manage together with the Supersonic Magnum 2 rocked into your rear Hardware 3.1 vent on the system board. Previous to evaluating the drive was quick formatted to exFAT with the standard part size to ensure anything was and also reliable.

CrystalDiskMark (CDM) runs at its normal settings. The beauty of this benchmark is the details are fully incompressible. This will make these assessments similar to a genuine-earth circumstances rather than trying to increase throughput for a specifications linen. The Magnum 2 conducted admirably right here though with successive flows getting close to the spec! Continuous is currently writing were being also amazing, specifically a usb flash drive. Lastly the 4K examine data transfer speeds were excellent, but 4K write rates quit one thing to get sought after.

AS Solid state drive is next up on the list and displays an extremely equivalent tale towards the CDM results higher than. Step by step speeds were being near the ranked data transfer speeds, but 4K functionality kept a thing being desired. The Publish Access There was a time also very large at nearly .1 just a few seconds.

3rd in our test selection is High-definition Track Master. Get examination using the Arbitrary details structure, this shows far more authentic-planet info than a steady stream of the compressible information. At the same time a lttle bit sluggish than the graded specifications the Magnum 2 performed nicely to this particular test. We view a generally even read and write graph and or chart within this examination too, which suggests there aren&#8217t problems with temperature within this analyze.

High def Song Master Results

ATTO Drive Standard is usually utilised by producers to showcase their drive specifications simply because it makes use of unstable details in a very sequential examination similar to AS Solid state drive does. Having said that, the Magnum 2 merely didn&#8217t strike its features in this particular analyze. This stunned me considering that AS Solid state drive experienced such high outcomes.

Comparability Data

As being a &Number8220baseline&#8221 that compares the Magnum 2 with I removed my reliable 16 gb SanDisk Severe Universal serial bus 3. Usb Flash Drive. That is a memory stick i&Number8217ve utilized due to the fact July of 2016. Results in the maps are stabilized for the Patriot usb flash drive quantities, so they really all demonstrate 100Percentage. All benefits besides the Gain access to Time are &#8220higher is way better&#8221, individuals are &Number8220lower is better&#8221.

CDM &#8211 Examine Information

As being a next comparison an authentic entire world circumstances was greeted. A back-up folder from my host was duplicated to every one flash drive and timed, and this result is &#8220lower is way better&#8221. By my stop watch the Magnum 2 finished the transport in 13:43.58 (millimeter:dure) whilst the Sandisk finished in 5:42.84. The folder is 5.50GB possesses 6,670 files in 1,080 ringbinders, verifying our synthetic benefits that smaller document overall performance is sub-elemen.


Over-all it could be seen that the Magnum 2 can be a blasting fast flash drive when useful for significant report transfer, but declines the golf ball on smaller information, specifically 4k reads and publishes articles. Coming in a properly developed fencing is a great function along with the shapes of 256GB and 512GB depart enough to transport significant libraries of new music, flicks, and other press. The only adverse will discover this is actually the tiny report efficiency, but the over-all pace in this drive and the ability to connect some thing this quick into any computer system outweighs this i believe as documents are getting to be much larger as time passes.

At present I am able to only discover the Magnum 2 thumb drive on Patriot&#8217s internet site. The prices are total MSRP of Bucks129.99, however&Number8217m positive it’s going to go to other age-tailers before too long. This isn&#8217t a cheap merchandise the slightest bit, but contrasting to other internal bleeding-border display drives this selling price is very much in conjuction with the current market. I&Number8217ll give this one an authorized postage stamp since it delivers on the two main factors it will potential and continuous pace.
Select the stamps on an justification of what this implies.

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