563c41_d2847ac8bf4645eb8d74cda90d468b93His Holiness Srimat Jagadaguru Shankaracharya of Kamakoti Peetham

His Holiness Srimat Jagadaguru Shankaracharya of Kamakoti Peetham

In 1990 Sandeep came to our Peetham all the way from Pandharipuram, to acquire Vedic knowledge. Our Paramacharya blessed him to study in Varanasi. I admire about his ambition.
563c41_36cecc9bf8544ae0811a9c9626a92173.jpgMr. P V Narsimha Rao (Former Prime Minister of India)

Mr. P V Narsimha Rao

I am impressed by his dedication and devotion. His role in the Nava ChadiYajana was remarkable.
563c41_7fe8e03bcd654a369b1a75eed9bd8636De Fransisco (Governer )

De Fransisco

At Memorial Service in Liberty State Park for WTC victims, Mr. Sandeep Shastri Kapase represented the Hindu faith. He prayed for the peace of victims who lost there lives. I really appreciate his conduct at this service.
563c41_0208522fc5044f37b0c5e436fa63d635.jpgUniversity of San Diego (California )

University of San Diego

Shastriji , Your participation in All faith Services & Prayerful chant was truly inspiring and very much contributed to the theme. We appreciate your presence and participation. Sincerely, Virginia Rodee, Director of ministry of University of San Diego
563c41_4583cfef0d55483c9d8ee3b9b9bac5c3.jpgMr. Bill Clinton (Former President of United States)

Mr. Bill Clinton

Dear Sandeep, Thank you so much for the blessing of your Prayers. After having a conversation with you, I felt peace of mind. Personal prayer is very important to me, and I am truly grateful for the words of encouragement and sincere prayers.
563c41_c5cabc3d3aea4719acc883df5e1325c5North American Hindu Association

North American Hindu Association

This ” Dharma Bhakta ” Award is appreciation for assisting Students to learn ‘ Shuddha Karma in Hinduism .’ North American Hindu Association
563c41_7ad6dbfbce6140618fb11f31c9951640Shree Ganesh (Yag Pariwar, Canada)

Shree Ganesh

First time we arranged the Shree Ganesh-Yag. Your arrival for Yajana was very exciting. During the three days Yajana we got proper guidance and enjoyed chanting with you. We are thankful for your performance.